Monday, September 16, 2013


I just finished watching 009-1 a few minutes ago. Here are my thoughts/ratings/opinions on the anime:

Sound Effects: 5/10
The sound effects are decent in my opinion. There was nothing that made me go "wow"; there was nothing really memorable. The sound effects are pretty generic, but they were used when it was appropriate.
Music Themes: 6/10
I gave this section a slightly higher score because, in all honesty, the music fit with the anime. The opening song was catchy enough, and the music used during the show was fairly nice. Again, there was nothing really memorable, but I did find myself singing along to the opening theme a couple of times.
Voice Acting: 6/10
The voice acting was good. I'm no expert on Japanese voice-acting, if there is such an area of expertise, but the voices displayed emotion when it was expected and there were no over-dramatic scenes in which you find yourself cringing and laughing at the terrible acting.

General Artwork: 7/10
This anime was meant to feel retro, and the art pulls it off. This anime doesn't feel like it was created in the 00's. It has a very 70s vibe to it.
Character Artwork: 5/10
While the art style is different in a refreshing way, many of the characters seemed to be copy+paste replicas with a different head attached. I found little to differentiate between characters without looking at their faces. This especially holds true with the female characters. I felt they all had the same face, with different hairstyles/colors.
Background Artwork: 6/10
The background fits with the theme of the series. There's not much to say here.
Animation: 5/10
The animation is pretty basic. It isn't amazing, but it's of an average quality. Nothing good or bad to really say here.
Visual Effects: 5/10
The same applies here as it does to the animation. It's very average.

Premise: 7/10
I found the overall story to be interesting and entertaining to watch. Despite not being one of those high-end, popular animes, the story drew me in. Each episode (besides the final two) are stand-alone with their own story.
Pacing: 7/10
The pacing was steady overall. There were a few moments where you had to really pay attention to know what was going on, but most of the time the story went along smoothly.
Complexity: 5/10
The storylines were simple and not really original. I'd seen much of the same plot lines in different shows/movies I've watched, so many of the outcomes were predictable, but it didn't make the anime boring.
Plausibility: 6/10
The setting is the Cold War as imagined as it would be if it had never actually ended. This idea is certainly plausible, but what makes this anime sci-fi is the use of technology that probably would not have even been possible had the war continued. The lower score does not mean it is bad. This story simple has a very low chance of actually being realistic. In my opinion, that's part of the reason why it's so entertaining to watch.
Conclusion: 5/10
The conclusion was VERY obvious. I had guessed it without even reaching the final episode. Kind of a bummer, really.

Personality: 6/10
What kept me watching this anime was mainly the action and the storylines, not the character development or backstories. The characters were a bit bland in regards to personality.
Backdrop: 6/10
Generic backstories, especially for the main character, 009-1, but hey, at least we get some sort of look into her past.
Development: 5/10
The character development doesn't really happen for 009-1 until the final episodes. Throughout the show, she appears to remain the same.

Art: 8/10
Sound: 6/10
Story: 7/10
Characters: 5/10

My absolute overall rating for this anime would have to be:


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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

News Update #1 - MAL

I would have expected to be writing my first review by now, which will be over 009-1, but MAL ( has been down for nearly 24 hours now. I guess we'll just have to see what the hold-up is, but stay tuned for my very first review, which will be here shortly!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Savanny's Anime Reviews!

Hi! This is a project I've decided to take on whenever I have spare time between schoolwork and other day-to-day activities. I watch quite a few animes so I thought, "Why not write about your experiences with them and perhaps help others choose what anime they'd be interested in seeing?" BOOM. This little blog was created. It's nothing fancy or complex. I'll simply be watching any anime I come across, then giving it my personal rating. The rating will divide itself among several key points, such as animation, sound, voice acting, etc. Because there is more to an anime than just "Sure, I liked it!" or "Ugh! I hated that anime!". Most people want to know why you love or hate an anime, so that's what my goal is in creating this blog. So if you're interested in this little project, feel free to check back in here from time to time and see if I may have reviewed an anime you'd be interested in watching. Thanks for reading! :)